Anyone who wants to have their paper prints, negatives and slides in a digital format but aren’t interested in doing the scanning themselves, will love using one of these scanning services.

But your irreplaceable photographs are too important to hand over to just anyone.

To save you from a lot of time-consuming work analyzing the pros and cons of each company from their own unique websites, all of the important criteria to help you choose the best service for your collection is highlighted here on each company’s individual review page using the links in the chart below.

In addition you will also find customer reviews of each company written by users of this site who have had their photos scanned by these services and wish to share their experience.

Scanning ServiceLocationEditor Review
BritePix Torrence, CACheckmark
Digital Memories Orient, OH
Digital Pickle Pasadena, CA
digmypics Gilbert, Arizona
DVD Your Memories San Diego, CA
Costa Mesa, CA
FotoBridge West Berlin, NJ
PhotoBin San Diego, CA
ScanCafe Burlingame, CA
ScanDigital El Segundo, CA
ScanMyPhotos Irvine, CA

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