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“I’ve been extremely humbled by all of the personalized, detailed, and warm compliments I’ve received over the years while running this website.

They’ve come to me as blog post comments, emails, contact form entries and even hand-written letters to my mailing address!

Below I’d like to share as many as I’ve been able to collect, hoping they will inspire anyone who wants to finally scan and organize their photo collection, but just needs that last little push of confidence from those who are doing it now and felt the same way before they got started.

Currently, they are in no particular order other than being listed from the shortest in length to the longest just to improve readability.

I thank each and every one of you for your wonderful act of kindness, and… well… simply making my week!”

Curtis Bisel
Founder, ‘Scan Your Entire Life’

“Thanks for making my life better. I love you dearly.”

Gaston Dorcazberro

“I’ve been trying to convince myself to scan my old negatives. I’ve read all sorts but this has been the best I’ve read.”

Jason Egerton

“Your website ROCKS!!!”

Rick Ballantyne

Seattle, WA

“YOU ARE A SAINT. You just saved me from a total mental breakdown! Thank you so much for taking the time to share all of this.”



I thought I had lost all my photos – but with your help, it was really simple to get them back into my iPhoto! Thanks again!”


“Glad I found your site and will keep it handy. Not being too computer savvy, I was able to comprehend all I read. Thanks for realizing some of us don’t speak IT.”

Jonathan Johnson

Murfreesboro, TN

“You are a truly noble person for all of the people you help without charging them. You help tremendously. Thank you so much!!!”

Janique Petit

“Thank you again! You are so much more pleasant, good natured, and knowledgable than ANY tech support I’ve ever used! smile


“Curtis, THANK YOU!! You saved my photos!! So happy!!”

Kaci Pierce

“I want to thank you for putting up this AWESOME website! Seriously, a lot of your archiving tips really helped me out.”

Dan Keiper

“Your site is GENIUS. Your approaches are the most thorough I have seen. Thank you for this invaluable information.”


Wadood, TX

“You had a great idea when you started this website. There are many like us who realize the great things we can do for future generations, while also having a great time ourselves.”

Tom B.

Milwaukee, WI

“I would like to compliment you on your website. It provides a lot of useful information all in one place. Great Job!”

Greg Pierce

Sanford, North Carolina

“Regardless of what you do in your real life, you are also a teacher. You’re probably the only one I know who actually breaks down the technicalities of photo ‘stuff’ to normal language so that it’s understandable and interesting.”

Dr. Sharon Chard-Yaron

San Diego, CA

“Curtis, Love your site! What really sets yours apart from other sites that cover scanning, is that you always weigh the effort and future proofing of things.”

Ronald McCarty

“Wow, all the questions and issues I’ve had regarding scanning and archiving my photo collection on one website! What a find!”

Dave Black

“Nice [tutorial] videos. Everything explained even my mother can understand who is scared of computers.”


“My story is that I’m 57 and most of my life is analog. It’s time to save it all from fading away, else my kids will not know where they come from.”

Santo Spinali

Montreal, Canada

“AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AND THANKS!!! I watch a TON of YouTube How To’s and you are without a doubt one of the best teachers/facilitators of DIY videos I’ve seen here on YouTube! Much appreciated…”

Matthew Fox

“I have been trying to do this for at least a year. Thank you so much for showing me how in 7 minutes!”

Claire K

“Your last newsletter was AWESOME and a big kick in the pants! I need to get what you said into my schedule! Thanks again!”

Nicole Terry

“Thanks for your help and guidance. Now that I know of your site, I will start here when I have such a question.”

Jodi P.

“Thank you — you are a God send! How wonderful of you to have taken the time to demonstrate how easy this is.”


“I was happy to find your site since it fills a very real need many have.”


“Yours is truly an interesting, readable, and useful blog. Congratulations on it. It has almost kicked my butt enough to start my own blog.”

Art Taylor

“This is a fantastic site. I have been wrestling with all these issues and your site is by far the best of any information that I have found – you are answering exactly the same questions that I have. Thank you!”

Peter Fuller

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand

“You are the most genuinely humble person I have come across in a very long time… your website is a blessed OASIS to those of us who are panic stricken as we face 1000s of family photos that need archiving.

I am amazed by your benevolent spirit and the gift of the time you take to give us precise details as you empower us to tackle these overwhelming photo collections with a wonderful master plan!

You are a very, very generous man… I don’t think you realize the impact you have on so many of us who want to properly honor our family legacies. Thank you.  

Elizabeth Mayhall Simoneaux

“Thank you for sharing your Top Favorite Tools [Free Guide]! I have already gotten a few based on your recommendations.

And I have found so much helpful information on your website! Thanks again!!!”

Anne D.

“I want to thank you for the time and effort you have taken to respond to my email inquiries. You really have been a tremendous asset helping me move forward on this crazy project I have decided to undertaken, labelling, scanning and cataloguing about 25,000 images including my collection, the collection inherited from my father in the form of prints and slides, and heirloom photos from my wife’s side of the family.”

Charles M.

“Hello, Thank you, thank you!  Something I can understand at last! I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Saving photos means so much to my wife and I. Your video was so good, just perfect in fact. Thanks once again.”

Ken H

“I just watched your video on moving an iPhone library to an external drive, and must say it is one of the friendliest, easiest to follow instructional bits I’ve see on YouTube.

As a Mac user for many years, and a 30+ year voiceover artist, I can fully appreciate the value of a professionally-made piece like this. Cheers!”

Ric Spiegel

“I’m afraid I haven’t worked up the courage to get started yet! The job still looks overwhelming to me. But I read your advice, and imagine I will begin one day.

Thanks for your great website. You are the only reason I’m even considering scanning my ton of photos.”

George Sumner

“I love your blog. You do such a nice job explaining complex topics in a clear conversational tone.

I work at an advertising agency and my last client was working so hard to explain banking topics in this same exact manner. If you were an expert in banking they would have wanted to scoop you right up! (And they’re a big bank!)

I just wanted you to know that you’re nailing this blog.”



“Firstly and foremost – brilliant work Curtis. A well prepared site, bristling with information!

I had actually just started scanning the hundreds (thousands) of prints we have when I came across your website.

Your information is so clear and valuable that I have actually started over. Scanning prints, no worries now thanks to you.”

Nik Frame

Sydney, Australia

I lost my photos in iPhoto and I was so sad as my sons just left for college and I thought the photos were lost or gone for good. Then I followed your advice step-by-step and fortunately recovered my photos in just a few key strokes.

Honestly, your directions were very easy to follow and it worked! Thank You!

I am so relieved because the photos bring me so much joy. Thank You Again.

Nancy C

“I just wanted to say, yes, glad you did create this site. You have obviously helped many people and from little I have read, you are very clear and personable. So many videos and classes will go on and on and then rush right through the important stuff.

I am making a new push to get pictures scanned and organized, so I have been looking for good advice and am glad to have found a kindred spirit. Keep it up and Thanks!”

Joe Radomski

“I am so thankful to have come across your website. I considered buying a scanner about 2 years ago but the more I read the more difficult it seemed to be able to scan my old print photos.

I know so much more now thanks to your website and emails. Thank you so much for your time and the energy you put into your blogs etc to help people like me.”

Carolyn Kerridge

Sunshine Coast, Australia

“I’ve been fascinated by the articles on your web site. They are spot on. I rarely read something and keep saying ‘YES!’ ‘YES!’ every few paragraphs.

Well done, and you must think exactly like I do!”

Brad Price

“I swear moving my iPhoto library file was scarier than giving birth – thanks so much for a tutorial that worked – now that pesky ‘you have no more space’ pop up will disappear!”

Sarah Talbut

“AHHH! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’ve been trying to recover my ‘lost’ photos for almost a year now. I’ve read many ‘fix-it’ strategies on other websites, but this is the first one that actually FOUND my photos!”


“Thank you so much for your series of articles. I’ve read them all. I started out knowing practically nothing about this. But now I’m ready to review the articles and get started scanning.

You have helped a LOT of folks. And with the baby boomers hitting 65 by the thousands each week the demand for your articles can only go way up.”


Southern California

“I found your website and after a few days of reading the various articles. I signed up for your newsletter and took out the boxes of unnamed and unsorted family photos.

Armed with your naming convention and dpi setting recommendations, I jumped in with both feet and the old family photos are finally getting organized and scanned.

I now know the joy and satisfaction of actually being able to replace an ‘x’ with a numeral! Thank you so much!!”

Rishawbre Rice

“I was really busy the last days due to spending all of my free time reading ‘Scan Your Entire Life’. I really enjoy it.

It has been really good for me to learn from you how to systematize, to scan and organize my old photos and negatives. You really gave me the confidence and courage.”

Friadon Kader

Aarhus, Denmark

“I have been wanting to scan all the family photos for my kids but just didn’t have a system. I know I’ve got to categorize or have an archival system before doing the tedious work.

Thanks so much for your useful 3 part [file naming] series, really enjoyed it. Most helpful too!”


“Thank you so much, what a fun website to read, your articles had me chuckling, as I too have zillions of questions as I start a project.

It’s a joy to see others think the same way. smile  Perhaps I can consider this day 1 in the scanning process!”


“I was at the Apple Store meeting with the Mac Genius and he told me how to create a new [iPhoto] library but not how to look and see the old one! I panicked when I couldn’t find it. Luckily people like you have the answers on line.

Your presentation was professional, educational and precise. Thank you so much!”


“I love your website, and find it incredibly useful!!

I have a constant annoying worry, that I might lose every picture I have taken…they are the story of my life and my 4 daughter’s life too.”

Sophia Oris de Roa

“Thanks for the awesome video tutorial. This is exactly what I needed to do presented in a very easy to understand and visually organized way (and I’ve seen a lot of crappy tutorials)!

Oh, and by the way, your voice was great – a real natural! I look forward to more tutorials!”


“I am so elated I found this 3-part series of assist articles before continuing the scanning process for my family. I am easily becoming the family ‘Archivist’ at this rate, and I have only just begun the scanning process.

Thanks for the process review, I needed it, and will likely use a similar naming method. (I’m only about 130 photos into the fray, too.)”


“Curtis, I am so excited to have found your website at just the right time. I have been thinking about scanning my old family photos for years and every time I am about to begin I hit the naming problem and put it off. I have pursued my family history on Ancestry.com, and obtained many digital photos to add to my collection. Just reading the 3 steps of organizing has been of great value!

I also have intended to buy a new scanner for this purpose which is how I found your website. You helped guide me on that purchase and the other supplies that I needed for that. Thanks so much!! I look forward to more wonderful information as I go along.

The best thing about your website is how it is organized and communicated by answering the questions that a new scanner has and giving suggestions for those in different circumstances! Thanks again!!”

Donna Tarver

“I am 74, a former Air Force (AF) pilot, and only recently got my first camera, so I never captured most of my life on film.

Consequently, I have begun seeking photos from my past to digitize and I have managed to solicit some images by email from AF friends that document our careers in the Air Force. I recently visited my sister and convinced her to relinquish most of her print albums and loose prints and negatives.

Curtis, I read nearly all your posts at least twice if not three times. I learn more each time I read them. You are doing ground breaking work never done before. Maybe one day there will be a standardized naming convention called the ‘Bisel Standard’.

You give us all the incentive to overcome that inertia that prevents us from ever tackling a complicated task such as this. I’m better for having discovered your web site. Thank you again.”

Will Rudd

Shalimar, FL

“I ran across your site last weekend while searching for some information on best file formats and resolutions to scan photos at.

First I just want to thank you for all of the great information you have compiled into this wonderful website. I am preparing to embark on my own scanning journey after starting / stopping it several times over the past several years.

I’m 52 and in possession of many of our family’s photos. My parents are deceased and most of my aunts and uncles are as well. I have a couple of grandchildren that I hope will enjoy the fruits of my labor as well as a niece and nephew.

Anyway, your website has been answered many of my questions and given me inspiration to start scanning. Thank you again for all of the time, effort, and great information you have provided to the world.”

Roger Hammond

Grand Island, NE

“You are an absolute lifesaver!!! I cannot thank you enough for posting this solution. I had ‘lost’ ALL of my photos dating back to 2001 until 15 seconds ago!!

I have been searching everywhere (including more ‘iPhoto recovery software packages’ than you can imagine!!) for the last 3 years, basically I had given up finding them until today when I need to transfer my files to my new MacBook.

Everything has been restored and you have saved me from losing the memories from the last 13 years … If I could hug you I would! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!”

Olivia Tyler

“Hello Curtis, I’ve been looking for you without knowing it!

Was thrilled to discover your website and recognize that there is a name for what I have been trying to do. Beyond that, you have seven distinct phases that I can access to name and tame my efforts. I have spent time in each of them without a cohesive plan so I recognize them all.

I’ve been working away hit and miss on my images since I retired in 2010. Luckily for me, my own photos and my inherited ones were never put into albums so scanning is an easier handling task. My first motivation was collection and back-up and then I became obsessed with tagging to create a searchable database, and then I tried consistent naming, and then, and then, and so on.

What’s changed those efforts to compel me to push your I’m Serious button? I’m now a granny and have become motivated to tell the family story in a permanent way as a chronicler.

So I anticipate the next step in the journey with guidance from your experiences.

Kudos for a very well-done site and service.”


“Thank you for a very informative detour while I was browsing for a solution to posting comments in Facebook.

Your URL name was interesting so I came by and your content was so nicely laid out I stayed for awhile. You made me think about our family photo collections and their preservation and gave such practical tips!

Thing is, I am wondering why you have not monetized your site more. I mean, it is refreshingly clear of ads and such. Perhaps the email subscription list provides the financial support or you are simply an altruistic expert? If so, thank you for that! But, if you should choose, I do think your stuff is great and you could do more to monetize (even asking for paypal donations) if/when you need to.

I really liked your content and style.

Thanks for making me think about the importance of doing this all. Who knows? Maybe I will even return some day to start a project. I have enjoyed sharing your passion for a bit and I definitely learned something about scanning and some apps!”


Oak Park, IL

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