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Company Information:

Company FotoBridge
Services Prints / Slides / 35mm Negatives
Walk-In Orders No
Address 154 Cooper Road, Suite 203 – West Berlin, NJ 08091
Phone (856) 809-9400
International Orders Yes

Company Story:


We started our company with a simple notion. That is that a single digital photograph is worth an infinite number of traditional photos stashed away in a forgotten album or storage box. Our ambition is nothing short of providing the highest quality, most cost effective digital services possible to help our customers secure and unlock their entire photo collection to the myriad of digital possibilities.

FotoBridge is a well-funded, private company with a passionate team combining many years of business, technical and photographic experience. Our team is dedicated to providing superior service while delivering the best value in the business.


Basic Pricing:

All prices below are for scanning packages that include up to a set amount of “high-quality JPEG” photos.  “As an option for slides and negative packages, we include minimally processed, compressed (LZW lossless) TIFF files.


Mediaup to 250 photosup to 500 photosup to 1000 photosup to 2000 photosup to 3000 photosup to 5000 photos
Prints (300 dpi)$44.95$79.95$149.95$279.95$369.95$539.95
Prints (400 dpi) $57.90 $99.90$179.90$319.90$429.90$629.90
Prints (600 dpi)$59.90$109.90$199.90$349.90$449.90$669.90


Mediaup to 250 photosup to 500 photosup to 1000 photosup to 2000 photosup to 3000 photosup to 5000 photos
Slides (2000 dpi)$89.95$159.95$299.95$549.95$679.95$969.95
Slides (3000 dpi)$99.90$179.90$329.90$609.90$759.90$1099.90
Slides (4000 dpi) $114.90$209.90$399.90$745.90$975.90$1439.90
35mm Negatives (2000 dpi)$99.95$179.95$339.95$595.95$795.95$1195.95
35mm Negatives (3000 dpi) $109.90$199.90$369.90$655.90$875.90$1325.90
35mm Negatives (4000 dpi) $124.90$229.90$439.90$791.90$1091.90$1665.90

Scanning Process:


Customer is responsible for shipping supplies and costs to the facility.  Free return shipping is included.

Send your packaged photos to us via your preferred secure shipper (FedEx, UPS, USPS*, etc.), noting and retaining the tracking number. It's that simple, once we receive your photos we'll send you email status notifications keeping you informed and documenting the progress of your order.

Scanning Location:

All of our scanning is done at our facility here in New Jersey.

Digitizing Equipment:

We use a variety of the latest, most-advanced, professional imaging technologies and systems available today. Our image capture process utilizes Nikon scanners for slides and Kodak scanners for photo prints. Our Kodak scanners are specially modified models supported by Kodak for dedicated print photograph scanning.

Included Corrections:

“Following scanning, we enhance each digital image through our “Intelligent Digital Finishing” (IDFSM) process. This process combines automated and manual techniques to resolve existing color, exposure, red-eye, highlights and contrast problems present in the original photos. IDF can often salvage poor photos and make good photos look even better (IDF does not correct for physically damaged photos).”

Unique Benefits:

  • Web-Ready duplicates – Reduced sized copies of each image are included with each order to easily sharing when full sized images are not required.
  • Text Note Archiving – Optional service to scan the back side of printed photographs to extract “any text notes or other marks from the reverse side of the print for archiving and informational purposes.”
  • TV DVD SlideShow Movie – Optional DVD can be purchased that plays all your photos on any DVD equipped TV.


100% Satisfaction guaranteed. “If you're not happy, we're not happy.”

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