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Getting educated before you start will help you make better scanning decisions. Using our course will give you the confidence you need to get amazing results when scanning your collections.

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Our online video training course will teach even the most technologically-challenged person the basic steps for scanning their photos and documents.

Gain confidence to make all the right scanning choices.

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We guide you through the scanning process step-by-step

Save Time

We’ve done the research and teach what you need to know

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Fun and easy-to-understand training

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Learn your scanning options before you start scanning


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Scan right the first time so you don't have to re-scan your collections

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Course Lessons

Library of professionally made training videos and information teaching the essentials of scanning

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Community forum to get answers to your questions and connect with people with similar goals

New Content

Additional training added to membership course each month

Updated Information

Updated information as technology changes

“Having worked with computers and technology for over 30 years, I felt pretty confident when starting my scanning project. I quickly realized I needed help.

Learning through the SYEL training course was the solution I needed. Now I know what my options are, I scan with confidence, and my scans are literally 100% better.

I would not have figured this out on my own. Creating high-quality professional looking scans is easy … when you know what you're doing. Thank you, Curtis!”

Beth A.

Salt Lake City, Utah

“Firstly and foremost – brilliant work Curtis. A well prepared site, bristling with information!

I had actually just started scanning the hundreds (thousands) of prints we have when I came across your website.

Your information is so clear and valuable that I have actually started over. Scanning prints, no worries now thanks to you.”

Nik Frame


“Curtis, you've been a true inspiration. I was totally intimidated by the idea of doing it myself, but after visiting your website I decided to give it a try.

Not only is it going much faster than I thought, but it is an extremely enjoyable trip through the history of my family. Thanks for many great ideas and most of all for the encouragement.”

Anne Schnoebelen

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