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Cover art and inside pages to PDF Guide "My Top 6 Favorite Tools I Use"

It's a 7-page ebook that lists my favorite tools I have personally used — and still use — to scan my family's 9,000+ photo collection.

I am often asked, more than almost anything else, “What products and tools do you use with your photos and where can I buy the exact same ones?

So I decided to spend a fair amount of time making a really nice guide just for you. And hopefully, you will find that it's not just a simple list of items written out and a few stock photos.

Instead there are insights into how I use each product, photos I took of my own products and tools, and links to more information and where to buy them online if you don't live close to a photo supply store, all nicely wrapped up in a nice little design that I hope you find fun to read through as well as being completely useful.

Any yes, it's totally free!

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