Recommended Tools

Scanning and organizing your entire photo collection is so much easier with the help of the right equipment, software, and additional services. It would be helpful to you if I shared a list of what I am currently using and am excited about. If it fits your needs, I recommend all of these for your photo collection.

I will update this list from time to time as I continue to learn about and review new products and services. So bookmark this page and check back regularly!

Some of the links below are affiliate links and will earn me a very small commission. Please know that these are all services, products and companies I currently use, find to be extremely helpful, and trust enough to recommend to you. I value our relationship. If you do purchase through one of my links, thank you so much for your support!

Online Backup

Rows of tall server and storage racks
Fire graphic - Backblaze logo

Backblaze is the online backup service I have been using around-the-clock since June 2014.

Photo Sharing

Smugmug photo albums displayed on 4 different devices
Fire graphic - Backblaze logo

SmugMug is my absolute favorite photo-sharing website. I love not only how elegant and ad-free but also how they have no limit to how many photos and videos you can store and share.

This is the website I use to display public and private photo collections and videos with my family — because it's really easy for non-tech family members to navigate without lots of help or personalized instructions. You can also add photos directly from the most popular photo managers.

Photo Scanning Software

If you have advanced goals and are looking to gain even more control over the scanning process, you might consider using a third-party scanning program instead of the one that came bundled with your scanner