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We believe every old photograph is still as important today as it was to our family members when they originally took them.

But many of them are paper prints, slides and film negatives, now fading inside of old albums and stuffed in envelopes and boxes, then stored deep in the backs of our closets.


It's not that we don't care about them. Not at all. It's just that most of us don't know the next steps needed to properly care for them.


But here's what we all do know:

  1. We want our entire collection “digitized”  so we can easily access them on our computers, tablets and smartphones and then share them with our loved ones.
  2. And we want our collection to be organized and labeled, probably with the help of our families, so that we will always remember who's in in each photo and why it's so valuable to us.


Why is all of this so important to us?


Most people will never be famous movie stars, royalty or important enough in their own society to have a library named after them. So for the rest of us, the legacy we build in this physical world is instead embodied in the photographs and stories we will eventually leave behind.


Scan Your Entire Life is where you can connect with and learn from like-minded people.

None of us are professional technicians who wear those white lab coats. Instead, we are normal, usually busy, and possibly technically-challenged everyday people who just want what's best (within our own means) for our photo collections.


We believe by working hard and merging our old “analog” film and paper photographs with our newer digital camera images into one super amazing all-encompassing digital photo collection… our family's memories will live on forever.


The clock is ticking …

Please don't make your collection wait any longer.



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