(Poll) Your Photo Collection: What Do You Need the Most Help With?

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I could really use your help.

Getting all of your photos into your computer seems like it should be such an easy thing to accomplish these days. You hook up a flatbed scanner and then push the scan button several times. Or you connect your digital camera via a USB cable, and then magically, your digital photo collection is complete!

Don't we all wish it was that easy!

In fact, even those of us who make it a little bit easier on ourselves by hiring a scanning service for our prints and slides still have a lot of work to do before and afterward. You see, getting your photos into a digital form is only part of the entire process.

My goal for SYEL has always been to help people through this entire workflow. And my intentions have been to cover each step with an equal amount of care. However, with that in mind, I want to ensure I give extra help in places you tell me you would like it the most.

So I created a simple poll today to get the ball rolling. Let me know which area(s) of the digital workflow you would like me to write more posts about. It should only take a minute or so of your time. And if you ever come up with a specific idea for a post you would like me to cover, send me a message with your thoughts.

Thank you –  I really do appreciate your input!

(Poll) Which Area of Your Photo Project Do You Need the Most Help With? (FF#22)


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