Why Write a Personal Blog Category on This Website

Posting tips on how to scan, restore and organize photographs seemed straightforward enough to me when I was creating this website until it occurred to me there might be some interesting stories I could share that might not fit into the most obvious of “post categories.” These stories could explore the personal experience I am going through digitizing my own family’s collection.

By placing these posts into a separate category called “My Blog,” I decided I could safely cover more information without boring those just seeking “how-to” information to accomplish a certain task. This idea came to me – I believe – in the strangest of places.

Why It Took Me 8 Years to Scan My 2nd Photograph

Why It Took Me 8 Years to Scan My 2nd Photograph

Here’s the first photo from my family’s collection I scanned. (Yup that’s me apparently on my very first pony ride)

I didn’t scan it for an immediate use such as to print it out for our refrigerator or to send it to my Aunt K. through email (though I am sure she would have appreciated it). I scanned this picture with quality in mind so if properly cared for, this digital master would not only outlive the paper print, but would also be more useful due to the benefits of digital replication. What I am talking about here is archiving.

Well that flash of genius was on August 8, 2001 – about 8 years before I started scanning again.

So why the long delay? Why couldn’t I get my act together?

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