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How to Add an Image

As you are creating your post, you may choose to add your image as you are writing, or you could write the entire post first and then go back in and insert the image once you know where the best place would be for it. 

In this example, let's say you have just finished writing a paragraph and now want to add an image in the middle, right between two specific sentences, to illustrate your point (I've circled the spot in the screenshot below).

Circled area is where we would like to add an image

It's important for you to understand where your cursor is positioned before you do step 3, which is where your image will end up being added in the later steps.

Because all added images will take up the entire width of the post, I find it's easiest to place the cursor at the beginning of its own line, free from any text.

  • In the case of this example, we will need to open up these two paragraphs by adding some space in between them. Move the cursor between the two sentences where you want to make the break, then click to place your cursor.
  • Hit Enter or Return on your keyboard a couple of times to add line breaks that will make up the extra space.
  • Then move your cursor back up using the arrow key  on your keyboard or with your mouse and click again to place it on its own empty line between the two paragraphs.

Click on the “Attach Files” underlined text near the bottom of the box where you write your post.

Attach Files link to click on

The Attach Files Manager window will pop up. The first three buttons at the top represent the order of actions we will follow in the next three steps. (If you've never added an image to a post, the area below these buttons will be empty)

Click the “Attach Files” button.

A file selection window from your computer's operating system will pop up.

  • FIND IMAGE: You now want to use this window to navigate around in the storage folders on your computer to find the image you would like to add in your post (How you navigate will depend on which operating system and version you are using). 
    This is how a selected image looks on macOS
  • SELECT IMAGE: Single-click on your image to select it, click the button to accept your choice, and close out the file selector window.
    With our example here in macOS, you would click the Open button to select and close out the window (even though it's confusingly labeled the opposite of what we are doing!)
  • The image you selected will pop into the Attach Files window and is now ready to be uploaded.
  • If you realize you selected the wrong image from your computer, just click on the gray “Cancel” button to the right of your incorrectly selected image.
    Hit “Cancel” if you accidentally add the wrong image
  • A message may pop up letting you know that deleting this file will remove all uses of this image elsewhere — agree to this because you haven't used it anywhere yet, so it's not an issue.
  • Then click “Attach Files” at the top to start the process over again to find the correct image.
This is how a selected image looks on macOS

Now you want to click on one of the “Start Upload” buttons — either the one at the top of the one to the right of your selected image.

This will begin the transfer of the image from your computer up to the “Scan Your Entire Life” website so it can be inserted (only by you) into Community Posts.

  • NOTE: Ensure you don't accidentally uncheck the little box to the far right of your selected image. This check tells the system which image(s) to use in the next step.

Now all that's left to do is to click on the green “Insert Into Post” button at the top of the window. 

Instantly, this will close out the Attach Files window and insert a funny little line of text inside the post, right in the same place you left your cursor positioned at the end of Step 2 above. 

(You won't see the actual image in your post until after your finished post has been saved and is posted live in the forum)

  • TECHY INFO:  In this example, the image we uploaded was assigned the file attachment number “88.” Every uploaded image gets its own unique number. So, this special line of text you see with the word “attach” inside of brackets on both sides of the number “88” tells the forum software to attach image #88 in this exact location. 
  • CAUTION: If you feel confident, you can move this line of text to re-position your image in a different location if you would like, but don't alter the text itself, or your image won't display properly.

After you finish writing your post and click “Add Reply” to post it, once the website finishes saving it and your browser page refreshes, you will see the beautiful image inside your post right where you placed it!

  • PROBLEM?:  If something doesn't look right after your post has been posted, click on the “Edit” button below the post to make changes.