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Titles and Badges

What Your Title and Badge Means

Your “Reputation” Title and Badge work in unison to visually indicate to other Members how many posts you've written in the Community Forums.

Even though the actual number of posts a Member has written is also listed at the bottom of the post information, the Title and Badges make for a fun way to reward Members who are active, not only spurring up new conversation by creating new posts, but also helping and encouraging others by replying to their posts.

How to Earn New Titles and Badges

When you become a member, you start out in “Level 0″ which comes with the Reputation Title of “New Member” and the Rating Badge of a little blue gift box. It's like, “Welcome to the Membership! Oh, and here's a little gift for you!”

As you progress through your membership, creating new Community posts and topics and reply to other member's Community posts, you have the ability to move up levels and be awarded upgraded Reputation Titles and Ratings Badges by earning points.

Adding a New Community Topic

When you create a new Community post topic, you will receive 1 point.

Adding a New Community Post

When you write a Community post, you will receive 2 points.

Liking a Community Post

When you “like” (click on thumbs up at bottom) someone's Community post, you will receive ½ point.

Dislike of a Community Post

When you receive a “dislike” (thumbs down at bottom) from a member for one of your Community posts, you will lose ½ point.

Reputation Title and Badge Requirements

Rating LevelMin Number of PointsReputation TitleReputation Badge
Level 00New Member
Level 15Active Member
Level 220Eminent Member
Level 350Trusted Member
Level 4100Estimable Member
Level 5250Reputable Member
Level 6500Honorable Member
Level 7750Prominent Member
Level 81000Noble Member
Level 92500Famed Member
Level 105000Illustrious Member