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How to Cancel Your Membership

Obviously, we'd love to have all of our members stay in the community forever. So, It will undoubtedly make us very sad if you decide to cancel. 

But, if you intend to leave, you can do so with just two clicks of your mouse or trackpad from your own Membership Account page. 

Steps to cancel your Membership plan:
  1. If you aren't already, log in to your account.
  2. Click on the link in the blue membership menu bar that says, “[your name]
  3. Click on “Membership” from the menu list that comes down.
  4. Click on the small “Cancel” button to the right of your “Membership Plan” listed in the “Account Details” section at the top.
  5. Follow along with the few steps in the process until it states your account has been canceled.

After canceling, you won't be billed for any future payments.