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How to Create a New Community Topic


If you would like to add a whole new post topic of your own to the Community, follow the steps below:


Click on “Community” in the membership menu bar

blue membership menu bar with "Community" link highlighted

If you're not already inside of the Community (forum), you will want to click on “Community” in the blue membership menu bar at the top of any page, and you will be taken to the main area of the Community.


Click the “Start new topic” button near the top of the page

"start new topic" button highlighted orange

Choose a Community forum category

Community forum category selector highlighted

Click on the “Select Forum” selector bar and then from the list that pops up, choose one of the Community forums you would like your post to be shown in.

Note: If you don't see a “Select Forum” selector, it means you had already clicked on a forum category before, therefore your new topic will automatically be shown in that topic.

Community Forums

List of forums available in the Community.
Introduce YourselfA place for new members to introduce themselves to the Community.
General DiscussionThe place where members can get answers to their questions, share cool things they've discovered, and show their support for other members. (Most new topics are started here)
Membership NewsA place to read the important information the SYEL administrators want you to know about. (Read-Only)

Fill out all of the fields that will make up your new post

You'll now be presented with the form where you can type out your post. Move through each field, starting at the top and working down to the bottom. Carefully read and follow the instructions for each unique field.

Note: The look of the form and the questions it asks will be a little different depending on which forum you have chosen to show your post topic in.

form to fill out to create a new forum post
Here's how the top of the “General Discussion” post form might look

Check box to receive notification emails for this topic

If you would like to receive a “notification” email any time in the future when someone adds a reply post to this new topic you are posting, be sure to click the box for “Receive an email when new replies to this topic” at the bottom of the form.


Click the “Start new topic” button when finished

Carefully look over each field. When you're satisfied with all of your answers and you're ready to save your post, click the blue “Start new topic” button at the bottom of the form and your new topic will then be posted in the Community!