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How to Update Your Payment Details


To update your payment method, credit card number, or billing address associated with your current membership plan, just follow the steps below, depending on whether you originally joined with a credit card or by PayPal:

Credit Card

If you joined the membership with “Credit Card” selected on the checkout page:


Go to your “Membership Account” page

After you have logged in to Scan Your Entire Life, from the blue membership menu bar near the top of any page, click on the menu option [your name]” and then click on Membership” from the list of options that come down.


Click “update billing details”

In the fourth block of information down, the one labeled “Subscriptions,” you will see your membership plan listed. Over to the right of this line of information, click on the text link labeled as “update billing details.”


Revise your credit card information

In the little window that pops up, type in all of your new or revised card information in the form fields.

Important: If any fields are initially hidden from view, be sure to scroll down to the bottom in this little window to make sure you have filled out all of the needed information.


Click “Update”

When you're finished, click the “Update” button at the bottom of the window to save all of your changes.

NOTE: For security reasons, your credit card number, expiration date, and security code are never stored on the Scan Your Entire Life website server. Instead, they are only stored at our credit card merchant's very secure hosting center. Therefore, your current card information cannot be displayed in this form for you to revise.

So, even if you just want to update a single detail associated with your credit card currently being used with your SYEL membership, you will need to re-type all of the missing card information in all of the fields in this pop-up window.


If you joined the membership with “PayPal” selected on the checkout page:

Paypal has its own specific rules regarding how users can modify their payment information. In doing so, they won't allow us to have input forms here on Scan Your Entire Life for you to update your private information. 

Follow the instructions below on how to (1) update a credit card or (2) choose a different payment method to be used for your membership:

How to Update a Credit Card

If you need to update the expiration date, security code, or billing address associated with the credit card you are currently paying your Scan Your Entire Life membership subscription with, follow these instructions:


Login to your account on the PayPal website

Go to and click on the “Log In” button at the top of the website page.


Click “Wallet”

Click on the main menu item called “Wallet” at the top of the website.


Click on the credit card you want to update

From the forms of payment you have currently set up with PayPal, click on the credit card you would like to update.


Click “Update Card”

Underneath all of the current details of your credit card, click the text link for “Update Card.”


Update your credit card details

In the form fields, click on and change any information that needs updating. Click on the “Update Card” button (or “Save” on some payment methods) when you are finished.

That's it — you're done!

How to Choose a Different Credit Card or Payment Type

If you want to use an entirely different credit card or payment method (such as a savings or checking account) to pay for future membership auto-payments, follow the instructions below to change the payment type that is used for your membership:


Login to your account on the PayPal website

Go to and click on the “Log In” button at the top of the website page.


Click on “Settings”

Click on the Settings icon (looks like a little round gear) right next to the “LOG OUT” menu option at the top of the page.


Click “Payments”

In the new settings menu bar that comes up, click the “Payments” menu item.


Click “Manage automatic payments”

At the top of this page is a section called “Automatic payments.” Click on the button labeled “Manage automatic payments.”


Click “Scan Your Entire Life” from list

On this Automatics Payments page, with the “Show active” button selected (default), look for “Scan Your Entire Life” in the list of all of your current active auto payments and click on it.

After a few seconds, all of your membership subscription billing information should appear.


Click on your Current “Payment method”

Near the top of the billing information, you will see a section called “Payment method.” Click on your current payment method listed here.


Choose your new payment method

Choose another credit card or payment method from the list of those you have already set up for use with PayPal.

Hit the “Save” button after you've chosen.

Additionally, you can click on the “Link a new card or bank” if you want to add a new credit card or bank account with PayPal.

That's it — you're done!