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How to Mention a Member


The @Nickname is a short name used to mention another Member when you're writing a post in any of the Community forums.

Unlike just typing in their first name or their Display Name in a very normal and casual away, the advantage of adding their @Nickame is that after your post is submitted, an email is immediately sent to that person to let them know they were just mentioned in a new Community PostLook in a Community Post Topic where the Member you would like to mention has written a post. You'll find their @Nickname listed in their information block in the left-hand side of their post.

How to mention someone in a Community post


Fine the Member's @Nickname

Look in a Community Post Topic where the Member you want to mention has written a post. You'll find their @Nickname listed in their information block on the left-hand side of their post.

An example of a Community Post with the Member's @Nickname circled

Make Note of The Member's @Nickname

There are basically three ways you can make a note of the Member's unique @Nickname:

  1. Memorize it
  2. Write it down
  3. “Copy & Paste” it
Highlighting and “copying” a Member's @Nickname

Type or Paste the Member's @Nickname

In your new post or reply post, type in or “paste” in the Member's @Nickname in one of your sentences. 

The @Nickname doesn't need to be at the beginning of your post or even lead a sentence. It just needs to appear somewhere in your post. You may also use multiple @Nicknames in a single post to mention more than one Member.

Typing in a Member's @Nickname in a Community Post to mention them

Finish Your Post

After you finish writing and submitting your post, your published post will now display your @Nickname(s) as a blue underlined link. This transformation from normal text to a clickable link indicates the system recognized what you entered as a legitimate and fully functioning @Nickname, like in the example below:

How the @nickname will look after you submit your post

Email Notification Sent to Mentioned Member(s)

Without any additional action on your part, if the @Nickname(s) were entered correctly, a notification email is now automatically sent to the Member(s) you mentioned. 

Here's an example of how their notification email will look:

To: Mearl 
From: Scan Your Entire Life

Hi Mearl Bisel,

We wanted you to know Curtis Bisel just personally mentioned you in a new Community forum post.
Post Topic's Name: “Naming Scanned Photos: How to Get 5-Digits From a 3-Digit Start Number.” 
Post URL:


This is an automated message sent by Scan Your Entire Life.


  • PLACEMENT: You don't need to add @Nicknames at the beginning of the Post you are writing, or even at the beginning of a sentence. In fact, you can place it anywhere you would like in your Post and it will still work.
  • MULTIPLE: You can add more than one @Nickname at a time to a single post.
  • FORMATTING: The @Nickname needs to be entered in as a single word with no spaces for it to be recognized. (incorrect: “@ jack” / correct: “@jack“)

More Information

For more detailed information about @Nicknames, check out this article:  @Nickname

Frequently Asked Questions

Astute question! The answer is no; they will not. This has been tested to make sure this won't happen. We certainly don't want anyone to get sent double emails! 

If a Member is subscribed to the Community Post Topic in a manner in which they would already be getting a notification email letting them know a new post was just added, instead of receiving both notification emails, they will only receive the message generated by your @Nickname mention. This way, in the single notification email, they are notified (1) that not only is there a new message to the topic they are following, but also (2)that they were specifically mentioned and they should definitely check it out.